Friday, December 5, 2008

Hiring Freeze at Seattle Public Schools

Looking at the Seattle Public schools website and clicked on the employment page to discover that they have put a hiring freeze in place in response to possible upcoming budget cuts. It said that for all open positions they will be hiring subs for those, until the freeze is lifted. Also, they are not currently accepting any new applications for regular ed subs at this point...I guess this is connected to the state wide hiring freeze? Hum....things continue to get more interesting.


the_Lorax said...

I was talking with a SPS teacher last night, and her words were "bad year to be looking for a job in Seattle." That being said, I think the process needs to shake out. Right now they are 24 million in the hole, and just opened up a can of worms called school closures! They are also in the process of working on a new student assignment procedure. I am going to hope (maybe even pray, a big step for the non-religious) that there are positions in the spring. Does this drive teachers and kids from the district?

dolphin said...

It's looking gloomy for us. I guess we will all be subbing next year!